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LazyLawn complete Haven’s Lazy River

Butlins have done it through LazyLawn. So too have Centre Parcs. And now Haven have chosen us to install a LazyLawn artificial lawn at their holiday centres.

And why not?

Artificial turf is a blessing for holiday parks. It looks smart throughout the year, it’s easy to maintain, they are great for children, and there is absolutely no difference between running around on grass, and doing likewise on an artificial lawn.

With that in mind, it is no surprise that holiday parks – with families very much at the forefront of their planning – are turning to this modern option.

It provides a soft, all year solution for recreational areas, for landscaped areas, and for the fun activities such as crazy golf and adventure golf.

And it looks smart. Arriving at a holiday park for a break, and seeing well used, muddied grass areas is not exactly the most welcoming of sights.

Turning up and see green throughout gives you an immediate lift – it makes you feel that you have arrived at a venue that cares about you, and itself. Your holiday gets off to a great start. Call it the ‘feelgood factor’!

And the feelgood factor is certainly what you will see when you arrive at Haven’s Reighton Sands holiday park in Yorkshire, where the virtues of artificial grass have helped bring the venue’s spectacular Lazy River to life – a spectacular outdoor swimming area.

And having been surrounded by such a delightful environment, returning home from holiday will be something of a comedown, as you see an overgrown and untidy lawn that has developed while you have been enjoying your break! It brings you crash landing, as you contemplate the thought of getting out the lawn mower as soon as you have unpacked the car.

Unless, that is, you have a LazyLawn installed! Then your garden looks pristine whether you have been away for two days, or two weeks – that’s one less thing you need to worry about when you return home from your holiday!

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