Artificial Grass Range

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Professional Collection

Professional Collection

Our premium artificial grass range is designed with the highest-quality polymers to produce yarns that give the most durable and realistic-looking products available, including our best selling Wonder Yarn. 

Eco-friendly Range

Eco-friendly Range

Our innovative AIR® range uses Pureti technology capable of purifying air pollution by oxidising organic components and malodours at molecular level and remains free of mould, moss and algae without ongoing treatments, helping to cultivate a sustainable, cleaner environment.

Classic Range

Classic Range

Our Classic Range is designed with budget in mind, whilst still providing an excellent finish. This range is ideal for medium-use areas, such as lawns, displays and exhibitions. A 5m wide roll option is now available in Lusso.

Value Range

Value Range

Our Value Range is perfect for DIY projects and is ideal for event flooring or low-traffic patios, balconies, or POS displays.


Colourful Range

Our range of fun and funky colours can create extra interest and adventure to any play area when combined with one of our synthetic lawn grasses. We also have the unique capability to CAD cut and inlay any design into the surface.

Golf Range

Don’t let bad weather put a dampener on your day of golf. LazyLawn has a range of artificial turfs which mimic as far as possible the feel of a well-maintained green grass surface, allowing you to keep playing even when the weather turns. 

Specialist Range

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Synthetic & Plastic Grass Lawns

LazyLawn has offered top-quality products for over 30 years and has built a reputation as the UK’s premier synthetic grass brand.

Our fake grass comes in a range of different styles, pile heights, and colours, making it ideal for gardens, roof terraces, putting greens, patios, and play areas.

LazyLawn is ideal for people with pets and children, allowing outside play without having to deal with mud and mess being trampled into the house. Our turf is also ideal for people who suffer with allergies.

With no mowing and no pollen, sufferers can enjoy the garden to the full with no fear of allergic reaction.

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We have a nationwide network of LazyLawn licensees who have been verified by Which? Trusted Traders, ensuring the best possible finish for your artificial lawn.