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National BIM Library

LazyLawn Is Raising the Standards of Artificial Grass in Architecture Projects

The BIM objects on the NBS National BIM Library for LazyLawn have been created to comply with the NBS BIM Object Standard which are compliant to the latest industry standards. Truly successful projects recognise the importance of BIM objects that they are a necessary part of the process and that they utilise standards such as;

The BIM Objects Created Include Data from the Following Sources:

Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes have helped countless firms in diverse industries operate more productively, produce higher-quality work, attract more talent and win new business. With a rising number of government and commercial organisations mandating BIM, ensure you use proven products from BIM.

As part of the Evergreens UK Group, LazyLawn is raising the standards to help companies use only quality artificial grass products in their projects by ensuring all information is at your fingertips to take the risk out of specifying.

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