Artificial Grass Roof Gardens

Grass Roof Garden Areas

Artificial grass is the perfect way to transform any unused roof space into an ideal area to spend time relaxing, or transform views of ugly flat roof systems into beautiful green spaces.

With most commercial rooftop installations, a drainage layer will be required to allow the free flow of rainwater into the roof’s drainage system. This can be achieved in various ways with our 25mm Shockpad or our Lazy Drain Cuspated Drainage Layer.

  • Transforms views for local residents overlooking the roof
  • Provides a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass
  • Ideal for hotel or residential applications
  • Provides protection to delicate roofing systems
  • Sales referrals
  • Exclusive territory
  • Professional training
  • Peace of mind for clients
  • Annual competition
  • Incentives

This opportunity is suitable for business that operate in the professional landscaping industry or work in the home improvement market. However, some of our successful licensees come from other backgrounds and have adapted their skill set to take advantage of this growing market.

If you are interested to find out more, please complete the form opposite and a member of our management team will arrange a meeting with you to discuss this exclusive opportunity in more detail.

Roof Garden Information

Over the past 3 decades, we have established methods to install artificial lawns onto roofs without voiding any warranty on PVC or EPDM. Our fixing method means that we don’t fix to current surfaces, and is also suitable on lead roofs or buildings with large lead flashings so that no damage or staining is caused when removing the artificial materials later.

When installing turf onto any roof area you must consider a few things before installing:

  • Is the roof watertight and will it remain so during the lifetime of the artificial grass?
  • Will the roof carry the extra weight of the turf, as well as snow, water and traffic in the area?
  • It is also very important to check the area for suitable safety barriers around the perimeter of the roof so there are no hazards for young children.

Another major element of any roof garden is the increased wind speed, which can be overcome by a number of methods:

  • Use a sand-filled grass with a higher fill rate on the perimeter edges (roof must be checked for suitability of the extra weight).
  • Apply adhesive around the perimeter edge and ensure a good bond (check roof surface before use).
  • Use planters on high-risk areas.