Artificial Grass Roof Gardens

Grass Roof Garden Areas

Artificial grass is the perfect way to transform unused or ugly flat roof spaces at your home into an ideal area to spend time relaxing, changing roof terraces into beautiful green spaces.

Our residential green roofing system is designed for first floor residential dwellings below 11m where no fire regulations are required.

Benefits include:

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The residential system is a three layer system consisting of:

It is important to ensure the roof structure can support the weight of the system (approx. 20kg, plus 60-70% saturated weight) and any additional weight if the finished roof is to be walked on.

Artificial grass drainage system

EverRoof® Classified Green Roof Systems

We offer full fire and wind classifications through our EverRoof systems. EverRoof is a range of multi-layered solutions for every roof top scenario.

The layers of the various systems allow drainage and protection for the roof space and can work perfectly alongside natural green roofs to create a really interesting, practical and useable space to roof projects.

The fixing methods will not void any warranty on PVC or EPDM surfaces as we do not fix directly to roof surfaces. Our solution is also suitable on lead roofs or buildings with large lead flashings, causing no damage or staining if the materials require removing later.

For any installations above 11m or where fire accreditations are required, contact our head office on 01572 766912 to discuss your project in detail so we can advise of the appropriate system.

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For further information complete our enquiry form or call our roofing specialist on 01572 766911.

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Further information

  • When installing turf onto any roof area you must consider a few things before installing:
  • Is the roof watertight and will it remain so during the lifetime of the artificial grass?
  • Will the roof carry the extra weight of the turf, as well as snow, water and traffic in the area?
  • It is also very important to check the area for suitable safety barriers around the perimeter of the roof so there are no hazards for young children.
  • If you have a small apartment balcony and do not require the EverRoof® system, a major element is the increased wind speed, which can be overcome by a number of methods:
  • Use a sand infill in the grass with a higher fill rate on the perimeter edges (note: check roof for suitability of the extra weight).
  • Apply adhesive around the perimeter edge and ensure a good bond (check roof surface before use).
  • Use weighted planters on high-risk and exposed areas.
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