Commercial Flooring Installation Gallery

Kings Cross Granary Square

For the third year in a row, LazyLawn has covered the large seating steps in King’s Cross Granary Square with artificial grass. The project’s brief was to cover the steps for a 2-3 month period, but due to its popularity, now stays for over 8 months. It was vital that

Singapore Cruise Ship Install

For this project, we were first approached with an enquiry to supply 2200sqm of Blue Meadow Twist to be shipped by airfreight the following day direct from Heathrow to Singapore. Once the customer received their order, we were contacted again with the simple question… Can you install this for us

Pubs, Bars and Roof Terraces

We are specialists in commercial artificial lawn areas for pub beer gardens, communal estate lawns, and exclusive roof garden clubs. We provide a number of large pub chains, fitness clubs, and fast food restaurants with a supply, installation, and maintenance service across the UK and Europe with our dealer network.

Office Chill Out Area

Why not transform that unused space on the roof, courtyard, or even dark corner in the office into a staff chillout area? Companies have seen a number of benefits through introducing a chillout area, including staff staying on-site during lunch breaks, a space for staff to unwind during the day,