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Our range of synthetic turf products for pets provides your home with the perfect dog friendly grass.

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Dogs & Pets Love LazyLawn

LazyLawn is the best artificial grass for dogs and their owners who need an alternative to real grass. If you’re tired of common grass problems such as muddy patches, holes, and yellow stains on your lawn, our pet-friendly artificial grass is a durable, mess-free solution that looks great all year round.

Fake grass for dogs is a real sustainable alternative to real grass, as dogs will continue to play and run around on your lawn without turning your garden into a mud bath and bringing those muddy paws into the house. No more dirty footprints on the sofa. No more keeping the dog inside when the garden is wet.

No Mud, No Stains, No Holes

Artificial grass is mud-free, which means no more muddy pups, dirty paws through the house, or turning your lawn into a mud bath. Plus, our artificial grass is not affected by urine and waste, so no more dead patches, discolouration, or yellow stains that destroy your lawn. What’s more, our artificial grass is so strong and durable that it can’t be worn out by dogs. Your pooch can use the lawn whatever the weather and your grass will stay perfect all year round.

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Pet-Friendly & Safe for All Dogs

Soft on paws and gentle on fur, dogs love playing, running, rolling around, and relaxing on LazyLawn just as much as real grass, so there’s no compromise between a stunning garden and a happy hound. LazyLawn is ideal for animals because it is non-toxic and doesn’t need poisonous chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides to keep it green, making it more pet-friendly than real turf. LazyLawn is built and tested for dogs, so you can have complete peace of mind that your garden is a safe and welcoming environment for man’s best friend.

Low Maintenance & Mess-Free

Maintaining a lush green lawn is a challenge for dog owners. LazyLawn’s pet-friendly artificial grass is the perfect solution as it looks fantastic without the mowing, watering, feeding, or re-turfing required from a natural lawn. Plus, dog mess is no problem with PoopClenz and PeeClenz that sanitise and disinfect to keep your lawn clean and fresh. And less effort spent on maintenance means more time to enjoy your lawn with your furry friends.

Safe & Sustainable Materials

Artificial turf for dogs and pets is non-toxic, hygienic, and does not discolour as a result of urine and waste. This means no more time spent searching for how to remove dog pee from artificial grass and no more complaining that your artificial grass stinks of dog pee! Our artificial turf is especially great for dogs as they can no longer dig holes in the lawn too.


LazyLawn ONE DNA artificial grass

ONE-DNA - Perfect for Pets

Our new ONE-DNA artificial grass is made with just one family of yarn and marks the new standard in artificial grass – a huge development for the industry and exclusively available from LazyLawn.

LimeGreen is highly permeable to water. As a result, no rainwater remains on your lawn, but gradually drains into the sub-base – meaning any smells are quickly washed away. Good for the environment and good for the surrounding vegetation.

Dog Friendly Artificial Grass - Frequently Asked Questions

Most definitely! Dogs love artificial grass as much as humans. This is down to the soft comfort and gentle warmth that artificial grass provides. Plus, if it is installed correctly, you do not have to worry about dogs digging it up as the artificial grass will be securely held in place with correct edging and joining.

Artificial grass is incredibly safe for dogs. This is because there are no toxic chemicals present, nothing long enough to chew on and it eliminates your dog’s ability to dig holes and find unpleasant surprises. It’s also worth noting that the artificial surface is incredibly comfortable, meaning your pets will love it!

Artificial grass is safe for all dogs, a lot of dogs prefer artificial grass over normal grass due to the comfort it provides. All of our products are ideal for pets with soft yet durable yarn and quick drainage properties. Our ONE-DNA range is perfect for pets as it’s water resistant!

The short answer is yes, dogs can pee on artificial grass, however, this is easily countered as the pee can be washed away with a hose or the rain. If it isn’t washed away quickly enough, the pee may start to smell. To combat this, you can use PeeClenZ which deodorizes bad smells.

Fortunately, artificial grass can drain unwanted liquids with ease (unlike real turf). All it takes is some water. However, if left for a while, it can release a bad odour. To avoid these we recommend cleaning the mess ASAP and laying down LazyLawn AIR, which eliminates bad odours through self cleaning technology.

It’s incredibly easy to clean artificial grass, all you need is some water! Whether it’s from the sky, a house, or a watering can, artificial grass is incredibly effective at draining unwanted liquids, including pee! If there are any unwanted smells, be sure to use PeeClenZ on the surface to eliminate the odour.

Unfortunately, dogs can be a bit smelly from time to time. Whilst there’s nothing we can do to stop this, there are effective ways to eliminate any nasty smells from your artificial lawn. We recommend using PeeClenZ & PoopClenZ when cleaning up any pet-related mess. 

Astroturf is usually associated with sports. However, astroturf and artificial grass are effectively the same. Read about the origins of astroturf here.

Products For Further Sanitation and Deodorizing


PoopClenZ is a peroxide-based disinfectant which kills pet-borne pathogens and sanitises the area. This product is permeable so faeces can be easily removed and then hosed down.


PeeClenZ deodorises urine odours to get rid of any smells. This product is permeable so urine will drain through the surface.

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A review from a satisfied LazyLawn customer in Southend.

LazyLawn Southend installed  Wonder Yarn artificial grass to create a low-maintenance lawn that all four dogs can now enjoy with no mud or mess.

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