Artificial Grass and Pets

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for dog owners who are tired of muddy patches, digging holes, and yellow stained areas on their lawn, and want a mess-free and pet-friendly alternative.

No more muddy paws

If you are wondering if dogs will love LazyLawn as much as real grass, then have no fear. Dogs will play on the grass just as much as if it were real, and you will benefit from having no more muddy paw tracks throughout the house on rainy days.

Mess free and pet friendly alternative

Artificial grass is ideal for animals as it is non-toxic, hygienic and does not discolour as a result of urine and waste. Our installations are especially great for dogs as they can no longer dig holes in the lawn!

Safe for cats too!

Cats will love the soft grass yarn and will love warming themselves in the sun. No stained grass patches or yellow areas where they have urinated or pooped, simply scoop up as you would on normal grass and then hose the grass down.

We now offer two products for further sanitation and deodorizing


PoopClenZ is a peroxide based disinfectant which kills pet-borne pathogens and sanitizes the area. This product is permeable so faeces can be easily removed and then hosed down.



PeeClenZ deodorizes the urine odours to get rid of the smells. This product is permeable so urine will drain through the surface.

Both of these non-toxic formulas are safe for both people and pets and will ensure that your lawn will remain green, luscious and odour-free throughout the year.


Popular Grass Products to have with Pets

Professional Collection
£24.99 /m2
Professional Collection