How to maintain artificial grass

For your artificial grass installation, a regular maintenance program is always recommended to ensure maximum life expectancy of your LazyLawn®. As an outdoor product open to the elements, there is inevitably some periodic light work you should carry out.

Follow these few simple steps:

Step One: Regularly remove leaves and debris

The first step is to regularly remove leaves and debris using a petrol leaf blower (for best results), stiff brush, or plastic rake. Additionally, to limit the amount of leaves falling onto the lawn, regularly trim back hedges and overhanging trees.

Step Two: Apply weed killer

As the fake grass is susceptible to airborne seeds, regular maintenance in the form of a weed killer twice a year to the whole area is paramount. If any weeds do grow, these are easily removed.

Step Three: Brushing

If there is no transfer of dirt/soil, artificial grass is pretty much self cleaning. However, if the ‘grass’ needs cleaning, hosing down using a light detergent and a stiff brush (or a mechanical brush for best results) is recommended.

Step Four: Remove pet waste

To eradicate dog urine odours and mess, use our specialist cleaner PoopClenz and PeeClenz.

Step Five: Avoid mirrors and other reflective surfaces

Please be aware that outdoor mirrors, mirrored walls, reflective and shiny surfaces and energy efficient windows can have an adverse effect on our surfaces, and as such, are not recommended to be used in any project where LazyLawn is laid, as any damage caused by such items will not be covered by any warranty.

Maintenance Video: How to care for your LazyLawn

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New Service: LazyLawn Refresh

If you have a larger lawn area, we can offer a refresh service using our specialist equipment. Please contact your local installer for details.