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How to Clean Artificial Grass

For your artificial grass installation, a regular cleaning program is always recommended to ensure maximum life expectancy of your LazyLawn as an outdoor product open to the elements, there is inevitably some periodic light work you should carry out. In short, here are the 6 biggest tips to keeping your artificial grass clean and presentable, read on below for more detail on these tips!

1. Regularly Remove Leaves and Debris

2. Apply Weed Killer

3. Brushing

4. Remove Pet Waste

5. Avoid Mirrors and Other Reflective Surfaces

6. Avoid Using BBQ's and Other heat Sources Directly On The Lawn

Useful Tools for Keeping Your Artificial Grass Clean
  • Stiff Brush (mechanical brush for best results)
  • Plastic Rake
  • Leaf Blower
  • Hedge Trimmer (for any overhanging foliage)
  • Weed Killer
  • Detergent
  • PoopClenz and PeeClenz for Pet Waste

Artificial Grass Cleaning | The Go-To Guide

Step One: Regularly Remove Leaves and Debris

The first step is to regularly remove leaves and debris using a petrol leaf blower (for best results), stiff brush, or plastic rake. Additionally, to limit the number of leaves falling onto the lawn, regularly trim back hedges and overhanging trees.

Step Two: Apply Weed Killer

As the fake grass is susceptible to airborne seeds, regular maintenance in the form of a weed killer twice a year to the whole area is paramount. If any weeds do grow, these are easily removed.

Step Three: Brushing

If there is no transfer of dirt or soil, artificial grass is pretty much self-cleaning. However, if the ‘grass’ needs cleaning, hosing down using a light detergent and a stiff brush (or a mechanical brush for best results) is recommended.

Step Four: Remove Pet Waste

It’s important to eradicate pet urine odours and mess, use our specialist artificial grass cleaners PoopClenz and PeeClenz to help with this.

Step Five: Avoid Mirrors and Other Reflective Surfaces

Please be aware that outdoor mirrors, mirrored walls, reflective and shiny surfaces, and energy efficient windows can have an adverse effect on our surfaces, and as such, are not recommended to be used in any project where LazyLawn is laid, as any damage caused by such items will not be covered by any warranty.

Step Six: Avoid Using BBQ's and Other heat Sources Directly On The Lawn

Please be aware that barbeques and other items that generate heat should not be placed directly on the artificial lawn as they can burn the grass due to the intense heat generated from them. It is best practice to place BBQ’s on a patio.

We have had cases where clients have employed contractors to trim their trees who have then placed their motorised tools on the lawn, which has subsequently burnt the surface. Any damage caused by such items will not be covered by any warranty so please take care and advise any contractors in advance so they do not accidentally damage your synthetic turf.

It’s also a good idea to keep any magnifying glasses away from the kids on the lawn.

How to Clean Artificial Grass when...

At LazyLawn, we understand the importance of keeping your artificial grass clean and spotless, however, special scenarios require special treatments. So, below is an assortment of common cleaning problems where the solution may not always be apparent!

How to Clean Artificial Grass when there are weeds appearing

A pre-emptive step you can take to make sure your artificial grass doesn’t become weed ridden is to lay down some weed membrane before you lay the artificial grass down. 

How to Clean Artificial Grass when it's covered in snow or ice

You can deal with the issue of Ice and Snow through different methods, it is usually dependant on the severity of the snow and ice. Whilst LazyLawn’s Artificial Grass is designed to withstand the punishment of a UK winter, we understand that you may want to utilise your outside space without the inconvenience of slugging over some ice and snow.

Removing Ice: Our advice on removing ice is simple, don’t do it. This is because removal of ice manually can damage your artificial grass, leaving it to melt is completely safe and the excess water will just drain out.

Removing large amounts of snow: Yet again, you risk damaging your artificial grass when removing heavy snow- if you’re not careful. However, unlike ice, you can safely remove heavy snow from your outside space. We recommend using a shovel to (very gently and carefully) remove the majority of snow. It’s important to not scoop it all off at once, as you may catch the grass and damage it, instead, leave a thin layer of snow on top of the grass and brush the remnants off with a broom or brush.

Removing a small layer of snow: As previously covered, you can remove a small layer of snow by simply brushing it with a broom or brush!

How to Clean Artificial Grass when my dog or cat has made a mess on it

PoopClenz and PeeClenz are two of the best products on the market in regards to cleaning up pet waste. PoopClenz and PeeClenz are designed to clean your artificial grass, as well as eliminate odours and is artificial grass friendly- so you do not have to worry about these products damaging your artificial grass.

How to Clean Artificial Grass when there is a spilt drink

The first thing to do in this situation is to not panic and attempt to rub it out, instead, dab the spillage until it is dried up. If you feel that the spillage may become sticky or stain, then add some water afterwards as a precaution.

How to Clean Artificial Grass when I have spotted a stubborn stain

For stubborn stains, there is slightly more work required to eliminate them. To clean these stains effectively, you will require  some detergent and water to get rid of these stubborn stains, Once you have these two things, mix them together into a solution and apply to the stain, whilst being sure to rub it in with a cloth or sponge. Once you have scrubbed the stain out, leave the detergent to sit for a minute or two and then wash it out of the grass with some plain water.

If the stain is too stubborn or sticky, use a toothbrush or hard bristled brush and softly brush the stain out!

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For more information on how to install artificial grass, please view our other installation guides or read this blog post containing important fitting advice about how to install artificial grass.

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