How to Join Artificial Grass - A 7 Step Guide

When installing artificial grass, you will need to join the turf to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting finish. In this DIY guide, you’ll learn how to join artificial grass in 7 simple steps:

Step One: Unravel the Turf

Roll your two pieces of artificial grass out flat, so that the two pieces are running adjacent to each other.

Step Two: Prepare The Join

Fold back 30-40cm on each side along the length of the join and trim 20-30mm from each edge, cutting between tufts.

Step Three: Make The Cut

Whilst avoiding the blades of grass, trim 20-30mm from each edge cutting in-between tufts. A good rule of thumb is to always cut in by at least 3 tufts.

Step Four: Apply Joint Tape

Unroll the joint tape shiny-side down along the entire length of the join. It is important to not roll the artificial grass over yet and that you secure the tape down with nails or adhesive.

Step Five: Fold the Turf

Fold one side of the turf onto the joint tape then slowly fold over the other side of the join. A gap of 2-3mm between the sections generally gives the best results.

Step Six: Apply Glue

Apply the joining adhesive with a mastic gun and a specialist jointing glue nozzle through the centre of these two sections. If you do not have a specialist nozzle, you can use a standard nozzle. Using a standard nozzle, you’ll want to apply a bead of glue under the edge of the first section of grass – followed by a second bead to the front edge to accommodate the second piece of grass.

Step Seven: Allow Time to Dry

Once you’ve joined your artificial turf, laying weighted planks along the join is a good idea to ensure an invisible joint. Allow 2-3 hours to dry and then sand infill your artificial lawn.

Installation Video: How to Complete a Join

Watch the video below for more information on how to join artificial grass.

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