How to Sand Infill an Artificial Lawn

The final step in our DIY artificial grass installation guide is to sand infill your lawn. This final step is a simple task to complete, but an essential finishing touch to ensure your lawn has the most natural-looking finish. You’ve fitted the artificial turf, completed a join, and installed an edging system, now read on to learn how to sand infill your artificial lawn.

Step One: Choose the Right Sand

To ensure a natural-looking and long-lasting finish, apply kiln-dry sand at a rate of 6-8kg of sand per one square metre of LazyLawn.

What Sand do I Use For Artificial Grass?

Don’t skimp on quality when choosing your sand. For best results, we recommend using kiln-dried sand because it will go straight to the bottom of the pile; anything else may leave residues lying on the tufts of grass.

Step Two: Apply the Sand

Using a lawn fertiliser spreader or a leaf blower and a stiff brush, apply the sand to the LazyLawn ensuring even coverage. For the best results, we recommend brushing the pile before, during, and after sand dressing. This should be done on a dry day and the same day as the lawn installation.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass Infill - Why Do I Need to Sand Infill my Artificial Lawn?

Some DIY installers may not apply a sand infill to their artificial lawn in order to cut the costs of installation and reduce installation time. However, all artificial lawns require sand infill – here’s why:

  • Sand infill for artificial grass acts as a stabilising agent that holds the grass in place and allows it to follow the contours of your garden. This gives your lawn a natural, real-looking finish.
  • Sand infill keeps your artificial grass lawn cool in the summer and prevents the expansion of the grass in the hottest months.
  • Artificial grass infill protects the grass from dog claws, sharp objects, vandalism, play equipment and garden furniture feet.
  • Although our artificial grass is not flammable (and has been tested to BS4790), sand infill acts as a natural fire retardant to help reduce damage from garden accidents.
Someone infilling sand on their artificial grass

Free Technical Support

If you have any questions about how to sand infill your artificial lawn, our head office team is happy to help with any technical queries. Call us to talk through any tricky aspects on 0800 023 2343.

For more information on how to install artificial grass, please view our other installation guides or read this blog post containing important fitting advice for your LazyLawn.

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