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How To Install The VertEdge Edging System

VertEdge® is a revolutionary edging system used to 100% fully adhere the perimeter finish of artificial grass (the only product on the market to do so). This solves the problem of existing methods where edges can lift up and become a trip hazard.

How to install VertEdge

Once the Type 1 MOT base is compacted with the correct perimeter finish depth, Vertedge is ready to be installed.

Step One: Cutting the VertEdge

Starting from the corners, cut & mitre Vertedge using a hacksaw and a mitre box or a multi tool with a plastic segmented blade, always start from a corner working towards the centre of a side, then cut Vertedge once the 2 pieces meet.

When installing Vertedge up to a curved finish, simply cut out the thinned-out tabs/sections in front of the V hinge with sharp tin snips. This will allow Vertedge to form to any curve/radius required. Take out the tabs as required to suit each curve/radius.

Step Two: Fixing VertEdge to the Base

Set Vertedge around 10mm away from the perimeter edge, again depending on the artificial grass thickness.

Fix Vertedge using 75mm – 150mm galvanised round head nails (deeper for soft ground) through the fixing holes as required.

Optional: subject to ground conditions – apply a dry mix of cement at perimeters mixed with type 1

Step Three: 6mm to dust granite

Once Vertedge has been installed around the perimeter of the area, proceed to apply the 6mm to dust granite layer.

Rake out the granite over the entire area pushing the granite stone in to the Vertedge cavity, it is recommended to mix cement dust with the granite stone (ratio 4:1) for the section covering the base of Vertedge (around 100mm from the cavity) bringing the dry granite mix flush with the back of Vertedge leaving the top section exposed.

Compact the granite. More granite may need to be applied once compacted to ensure the granite is flush with the back edge of Vertedge.

Step Four: Weed Membrane

Install non-woven weed membrane over the granite.

The artificial grass is now ready to be installed.

Step Five: Lay out the artificial grass

Lay out the artificial grass and leave to relax.

Cut the artificial grass around 5-10mm over the finish edge/fence/wall etc.

Once the artificial grass has been cut around the whole area, carefully pull back the grass around 300mm away from the Vertedge.

Step Six: Apply VertEdge Adhesive

Using the specialist Vertedge adhesive, apply a 3-5mm bead of adhesive on the exposed top section of Vertedge around the whole area.

Once the Vertedge adhesive has been applied, carefully fold back the artificial grass.

Proceed to press the artificial grass around the perimeter ensuring good adhesive contact between Vertedge and the artificial grass backing.

Using a bolster and a rubber mallet, tuck down the artificial grass into the back edge gap between Vertedge and the perimeter finish.

The artificial grass is now 100% fixed & secure around the perimeter, ready to be sand filled and brushed.

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