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Important advice about DIY fitting

At LazyLawn, we employ fitters who can travel around the country installing artificial grass for our clients.

However, we understand that you might want to do the job yourself and it isn’t too difficult, as long as you follow some basic instructions.

Firstly, we would suggest you take a look at our fitting pages. Here, you will find some clear guidelines as well as instructional videos showing how to complete key parts of the job.

You can’t go too far wrong if you follow the guidelines, but here are some key things to look out for if taking the DIY approach.

1. Make sure you choose the right product for your needs. Don’t forget that there is a range of products costing from £5 – £25+ per square metre and they don’t all do the same job.

2. Assess the area on which you will be working, remove all the old turf and make sure that the base is in good condition before you start. Just as you wouldn’t put new paint straight on to a flaking old surface, it’s vital to give yourself a smooth base to work from.

3. After you have taken up the old lawn, be sure to carry out the groundworks correctly. This means levelling off the patio or paving area, or putting down the correct amount of stone to provide a good base for your new artificial grass.

4. Keep it dry! You wouldn’t cut a real, live, lawn when it was raining and the same applies here. If your LazyLawn product gets wet, you won’t be able to apply the sand infill which weighs it all down and gives a consistent base.

5. Be careful when working with the joins between rolls. This is explained in one of the instructional videos mentioned above and is very important. Always cut back at least three tufts, ensure that the joins meet properly using LazyFix adhesive and don’t cut your grass short. Remember, this grass won’t grow so if you cut it too short at the start, you will be left with the results!

6. It may sound obvious, but make sure that your LazyLawn product is firmly set against a perimeter. If it isn’t, you run the risk of someone simply coming along and walking away with your lovely new artificial turf.

7. Make sure that you use kiln-dried sand. Don’t skimp on quality when choosing your sand, because kiln-dried sand will go straight to the bottom of the pile; anything else may leave residues lying on the tufts of grass.

8. Be aware of your limitations and don’t expect too much. We reckon that it’s reasonable for yourself and two friends, once you are fully conversant with the instructions, to be able to fit 40 square metres of artificial grass in a day. A full professional crew can do around 60-70 square metres a day – don’t think that you can match them! It’s better to get it right than cut corners.

9. If you are going to lay your artificial grass yourself, we offer next-day delivery across most of the United Kingdom. Technical advice is available from our telephone helpline – call 0800 023 2343 and we will connect you to a specialist.

10. If you get really stuck, our professional fitters will be happy to come out and help; however, don’t forget that we do charge for this service.

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