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One-DNA Artificial Grass

Our new ONE-DNA artificial grass is made with just one material family and marks the new standard in artificial grass – a huge development for the industry and exclusively available from LazyLawn.

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LazyLawn One DNA artificial grass - a 100% circular solution

100% Circular Solution

LazyLawn are at the forefront of the industry, offering ground breaking products as they reveal a UK-exclusive collaboration with LimeGreen® and the launch of ONE-DNA™ family artificial grass.

ONE-DNA™ artificial grass consists of just one raw material. The result is a lower carbon footprint in production and maximum recyclability when the grass is considered ‘end of life’. This unique formula also allows for our ONE-DNA™ artificial grass to be made from recycled materials further reducing our carbon footprint.

The circular approach ensures that materials used can easily be retained and reused in their initial high value state. This minimises the need for new raw materials end of life and reduces waste

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Conscious Play & Sports

A playable, colourful and safe playing field all year round. Sustainably produced, using significantly less energy than traditional methods and independently classified as 100% circular. That is conscious play and sports.

Did you know?

As the ONE-DNA range is made up of 100% polyethylene, this is a real bonus for dogs and pets, as polyethylene does not absorb moisture. Thus, any wee will run through the grass and not be absorbed. The ONE-DNA range drains at 650 litre/min/m2 – more than 10 times faster than standard artificial grass.

Colour creates creativity

To make every play ground unique and challenging, ONE-DNA™ Play is available in various colours. This allows you to realise creative interpretations with figures and play forms in every playing surface. This way, there is something for everyone and you get even more fun out of every square metre.

Why One DNA?

For years, artificial grass was produced and compiled from various materials, such as PP, PE and Latex or PU. The production of these grasses costs immense amounts of energy, and, due to their composition, the end product was difficult or even impossible to recycle.

ONE-DNA™ artificial grass consists of a single material: 100% PE. The artificial grass is entirely made of 1 polymer. Production takes place in an energy-efficient production facility, which means we use significantly less energy than traditional artificial grass products require.

The production process of our artificial grass is barely different from that of other manufacturers. It’s all in the final phase of the process. In that phase, the grass piles are secured to the mat. Contrary to other producers, we achieve this so-called ‘tuftlock’ without the need for a latex, PU or PP dispersion coating. This way, we skip a step that produces immense CO2 emissions, since we don’t need giant ovens to dry this coating.

Lansink’s Ladder is a waste hierarchy model in which waste prevention is paramount. which consists of four forms of dealing with waste. The highest priority is given to prevention (A), followed by the highest possible reuse (B and C). The third form of the waste hierarchy is the incineration of waste to generate energy (D and E). The least desirable form is landfilling or dumping (F).

ONE-DNA™ products fall into the categories of prevention (A) and reuse (B).

Many producers of artificial grass promise their products are recyclable. So, what makes our ONE-DNA artificial grass different? Well, quite a lot! Most recycled artificial grasses are really downcycled: the product may be used for new applications, but the end product, or RTA (Recycled Turf Agglomerate), no longer has the purity of the original material. These materials are of a significantly lower quality, making them less useful for the production of new products. As such, their value decreases during the recycling process.

With our circular artificial grass, we’re achieving a new level in recycling! High-grade recycling without loss of value, while retaining the purity of the original material.

To objectively establish the value of our products, we commissioned SGS Intron as an independent testing and certification institute to verify the single polymer composition of ONE-DNA and the absence of hazardous substances (SVHC). These aspects are essential to prove the circularity of ONE-DNA™ products. ONE-DNA™ means that the products are produced from one type of polymer: poylyethylene (PE).

The analysis by SGS Intron (A133330/O20220953) shows that our product is 100% circular. It can be reused in high-quality applications such as new artificial grass, but also in other products with similar values. This is full recycling and not down-cycling.

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