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Swingers Golf

Swingers Crazy Golf is based in London with two venues. Over the past few years, we have supplied several products as each venue was built. The client decided to purchase the Lazylawn surfaces and self-install during the construction using our specialist adhesives and help from our technical department on installation advice and tips.

During the Covid Lockdown the venue decided to replace the artificial grass pathways that were looking a little worn from the high traffic passing over and years of spilled drinks and food.

Originally the work was to be carried out overnight whilst the venue traded during the day and evening giving us a 6-hour window each evening after closing to lift and replace the walkway sections with new artificial grass. With the Covid restrictions closing the venue it was decided to do the work over two full days using specialist floor lifting equipment.

The adhesives used on the replacement artificial grass was our Grabfast contact adhesive that allow quick bonding and easy removal when required. This is finished off with Lazyfix adhesive around the perimeter and joins to ensure a secure fix.

Products Used

Putting Green Pro (Putting Surface)

Wonder Yarn 26mm (Walkways 

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