Love Your Garden with LazyLawn

LazyLawn was recently featured on the Alan Titchmarsh ITV show ‘Love Your Garden’. It was the first episode in a new run for this popualr series.

Alan was tasked with designing a new relaxing garden for a brave women, who despite her illness, spends her time raising money for others.

It was a tough build and a huge challenge interupted by wet weather, but Alan and his specialist landscaping team got there in the end and presented a quite stunning garden, complete with LazyLawn.

‘It looks like grass’ said Alan Titchmarsh and ‘nothing is easier than a state of the art artificial lawn’ concluded Alan.

LazyLawn was the perfect low maintenance solution for the client. ‘Do you like you lawn? – you wont have to mow it!’, joked Alan.

The client said it was ‘very thoughtful’ and it ‘would stay like that for years to come’, making mowing the lawn a thing of the past.

The LazyLawn Signature Product completed a Japenese inspired garden which included other contemporary materials including granite stone paving, a modern pergular (for increased privacy), raised beds (with easy access veg patch), refurbsihed black decking, funky red planters and furniture to create an outdoor lounge.

The selection of trees and plants were textured and soft to add another dimension to the space including a Japanese maple and blood grass.

See more info on the show at

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