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Top 10 most popular kids outdoor playground games

What does Mr Wolf have in common with British bulldog? Or hot potatoes and hopscotch?

Childrens’ games of the past, and still popular in the present. Indeed, Mr Wolf, British Bulldog, Hot Potato and Hopscotch are included in a recently revealed list of the the ten most popular outdoor games played by youngsters.

LazyLawn loves childrens’ games. Or rather, childrens’ games love us. Because with an artificial lawn or play area expertly installed by us, children can have hours of fun, and their parents need not worry about injury to either child or lawn!

Here is the Top Ten countdown…

1. Tag – where one player chases others in an attempt to ‘tag’, or touch them, usually with their hand.There are many variations; most forms have no teams, scores, or equipment. It’s simple, it’s fun, and they can run around.
2. British bulldog – involves a bit more rough and tumble, and comes in at number two in the popularity list.Most commonly one or two players are selected to play the part of the ‘bulldogs’, and they stand in the middle of the play area, while other players attempt to get from one side to the other without being tagged. The winner is the last player to avoid being tagged. Imagine looking out of the kitchen window and seeing your children and their friends churning up your lawn whilst playing this. On LazyLawn, though, it is not a problem at all.
3. Kiss chase – speaks for itself!
4. Hide and seek – as above.
5. Stuck in the mud – Definitely not a game you would be able to play on a LazyLawn : they don’t do mud! 🙂
6. Hot potato is another way of describing pass the parcel; the parcel being the hot potato.Under this games’ rules, the ‘hot potato’ is thrown around the circle rather than passed, which is why it is played with tennis balls or bean bags. On a summer’s day, sitting in a circle playing this on our grass  means no worries about dirty clothes when you go home from the party.
7. Skipping – another fun activity which can be done on your own or with school friends, without any concern of muddying footwear.
8. Football – children can have the most intense small sided games in the back garden without mum and dad worrying about the damage to their turf, and the subsequent mess it leaves behind. Also, because of the soft polyethylene yarns in our products, even slide tackles are friendly on the knees!
9. Hopscotch – once a popular street game, and still popular, but now in the garden or the playground. At home, youngsters can hop to their heart’s content without damaging the lawn, if it is an artificial one.
10. What’s The Time Mr Wolf? Completes the top ten, and again, a game that can be played happily on our surfaces without any worry about wear and tear.

Once upon a long ago these games would have been played out in the road. That is impossible in this day and age, so it is to the garden, or the park, where the children go to have fun – and with LazyLawn artificial turf  installed, they can do it without leaving any mess, and without making a mess of themselves. It’s so obvious! Indeed, so obvious, it is why more and more homeowners are digging up their grass, and turning to LazyLawn instead.

What’s the time, Mr Wolf? Time for a LazyLawn, we think!

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