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Do you dream of a Lawn like the above photo? This has taken Stuart Grindle of Tickhill, South Yorkshire, 30 years to achieve and over 30 hours a week to maintain.

Mowing his lawn 2 times a day 3 times a week, now that is true dedication to keeping his lawn in the best possible condition it can be.

Most of us would love to be able to dedicate this amount of time towards achieving this goal of perfection! Stuart has shown how this is possible but only if you’re willing to commit the time and effort to create it.

Stuart is able to maintain this but unable to fully enjoy his lawn due to the wear and tear of day to day use.

Unfortunately due to work commitments, family and then pets most of us are unable to dedicate the time to able to replicate Stuart’s masterpiece.

With LazyLawn you could cheat and get the same lushes, green, pet friendly and easy to maintain lawn of your dreams! Which all the family and pets can enjoy all year round, so instead of shouting keep off the Grass you will be demanding that children and pets keep on the grass!

Give your lawn a heath check this autumn by following Nigel Colburn’s essential Jobs for your lawn.

Deep routed weeds such as dandelions and plantains can take advantage of the weakened grass during the autumn months remove them by hand or with a narrow trowel.

If the weather turns dry, make sure you make full use of the early morning dew, Sweep the dewy grass with a besom or drag a hosepipe over the surface, this will allow the dewdrops to pop releasing the moisture down in to the soil.

If you already have a LazyLawn installed please disregard Nigel’s advice and continue to enjoy all year round green grass.

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