The Grass is ALWAYS Greener When It’s Artificial

LazyLawn is showing home owners how they can enjoy the best of both worlds during National Gardening Week, taking place from the 14th to 20th April, with a low maintenance lawn that looks good all year round.

As the average gardener spends up to £200 every year maintaining their lawn, according to a recent survey commissioned by the UK’s biggest artificial grass supplier, opting for a LazyLawn could allow them to concentrate on perfecting the other areas of their garden.

Organised by the Royal Horticultural Society, National Gardening Week is the country’s biggest celebration of gardening, which aims to encourage people to get out and make the most of their outdoor space.

Andy Driver, Marketing Director at LazyLawn, comments: “By choosing an artificial lawn, home buyers can enjoy having a neat and tidy garden without having to put in all the hard work and without the annual expense.

“Everyone wants their garden to look great, particularly during the warmer months, so we offer the ideal solution for those who don’t want to be splashing the cash on lawn fertilisers and other expensive products in an endless pursuit of the perfect lawn.

“We think the grass is greener when it’s artificial, as a LazyLawn can free up more time and money for the type of gardening you enjoy, so home owners can concentrate on perfecting other areas of their garden, such as flowers beds, shrubs and trees.”

The research discovered that 56% of people with a garden would save up to £200 every year if they did not have to maintain their lawn, while 13% could recoup between £201 and £400 and 5% could save between £401 and £600.

Of those questioned, 2% admitted they spend between £601 and £800 looking after their lawn, with 1% splashing out at least £801 up to a whopping £1,000.

Andy adds: “The main appeal of LazyLawn is that it is low maintenance, mess-free and looks and feels authentic thanks to the colour mix and texture of the individual strands; it means those who love their garden can enjoy all the same benefits that natural grass offers, without the downsides.

“Plus, our patented pioneering technology makes it the only artificial grass that has the ability to bounce back.

“Unlike natural turf, LazyLawn is also fast drying; its drainage time of 60 litres per minute means it doesn’t take long to dry out following a quick shower, so you can get back out in the garden in no time at all.

“Our advice to gardeners is don’t be a slave to lawn maintenance, join the LazyLawn revolution and make the most of your time in the garden.”

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