In the Summertime!

This Sunday we see the official start of British Summertime!

Although we lose and hour in bed, the change in clocks means we will now have more light in the evenings and be able to spend time with our family outdoors (weather permitting of course)!

For many people this also brings more chores to complete during the week, the lawn will need to be mowed, the garden cleared of the fallout from winter, instead of being able to spend quality time with the children creating memories and experiences they will be dealing with these issues first!

Why not get rid of these niggling seasonal and weekly jobs once and for all!!!

A Low maintenance LazyLawn will free you up to do more with your spare time other than boring and back braking tasks!

Take the pressure off with a synthetic solution to a common problem! The dreaded garden maintenance!

A LazyLawn will also help you retain the clean spaces inside your house as no matter what the weather throws at us during the summer you can be sure that the lawn will not resemble a seasoned rugby field but will be a vision of a lushes green meadow!

We can also take the strain of paying for this luxury with our 12 months interest free pay nothing for a year payment option!* So sit back, relax and unwind with the lawn of your dreams – today!

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