LazyLawn Join eBay

The continuing success of the LazyLawn website and the growth of the regional sites reaching fever pitch LazyLawn, never one to spread themselves to thinly have decided to branch out even further and join the bidding culture of eBay!

The current eBay products range from simple sample sets, golf mats and to one off grasses that never made it to mass production!

LazyLawn’s eBay store will be a source of great interest for our loyal base of customers and admirers as this will be your chance to get the garden of your dream for a little less than you thought you would have to pay.

In the next coming weeks and months expect to find more and more unique opportunities to own some artificial lawn of your own, also for the keen golfer in your life why not splash out and get them a gift of a lifetime but just that little less expensive than what it should have been, don’t worry we won’t tell if you don’t!

Why not have a sneak peak at the LazyLawn eBay store today

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