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Artificial Grass on a Roof Area[/caption]

A fantastic development by the owners completed with a LazyLawn artificial lawn overlooking the Irish Sea. The owners have had a number of home improvements including many bespoke aspects (windows, furniture, stair case).

With the slowdown in the housing market this past 24 months or so, we have not just seen homeowners remaining where they are and not moving, we have also seen many people opting to holiday in the UK, or not going on vacation at all and staying at home. This way of thinking has also led to homeowners developing their existing properties inside and out – the don’t move, improve option!

This can mean decorating on the inside of the property – wall papering, painting, installing new carpets, refurbishing furniture or an extension maybe. Also, on the outside, people are not only content with trimming their hedges and growing new plants, they are looking to add value and this may be adding an outdoor room or patio area or it could entail some hard landscaping work or funky modern touches, with outdoor lighting or Artificial Lawn.

LazyLawn is a new type of artificial lawn, highly realistic and super soft to the touch and it now means developing outdoor space using artificial grass is often preferred to natural turf. This is due to the many practical benefits and cost savings over a 10 year period versus the natural grass. The low maintenance aspect works with peoples busy lives and when it looks so good, why wouldn’t you want it? Think of all the cost and time savings of watering and maintaining a real grass area, and it really does make sense to make the switch to the synthetic alternative.

On roof areas (as in the image shown above & below), it is super difficult to maintain real grass on an elevated area and also once the wonderful patio doors are open on this property it means you can utilise the whole space as one without the fear of dirt transferring onto the lush indoor floor coverings. This is modern living.

Whilst over in the Isle of Man the super LazyLawn team also went on to complete another successful large putting green installation. A picture of the finished area can be found below.

Check back for more blogs soon.


Lazy Larry.

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