Signature – New Artificial Lawn Product

New from Sep 2010. Lazy Signature is a brand new top quality landscaping product made with our exclusive yarn technology that enables the product to recover after activity.

Signature combines softness, density and the latest technology with fresh coloured yarns to deliver a stunning, highly natural finish.

All LazyLawn products are designed to look good and excel in all conditions and after rigorous testing the result is a great looking all weather product! And surprisingly even when it is overcast, the Signature looks very fresh.

If your garden is difficult to maintain or is in a poor draining or shaded area, there are obvious advantages to choosing Signature over natural grass. It is also the superior choice to real turf for gardens that have to cope with a lot of activity, particularly if you have kids that just love playing soccer or riding around on their bicycle. Usually these areas end up as unsightly mud patches taking weeks to recover, but our lawn will remain green through all seasons whilst providing a safe and low impact environment to play in.

The combined beauty and durability of artificial lawn is something you can experience with our professional installation service. Our UK wide installers can help you design your space and most installs can usually be completed in a day, so sooner rather than later you can enjoy your very own super soft LazyLawn.

Contact the LazyLawn head office for more information on 01572 768208 or email [email protected]

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