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Make your garden as pristine as your LazyLawn – 12 Top tips

Ok, so the weather has not exactly been kind to gardening enthusiasts this year – particularly as winter became spring, which is the traditional time that people start to venture back outdoors. Heavy snow the week before Easter? Crazy!

Spring, of course, is traditionally the time when people start to think about livening up the garden, and give it a make over after the trials and tribulations of winter weather have left it looking a bit flat.

If you are a LazyLawn customer, then one thing you can guarantee is that your lawn will need no post-Winter TLC! An artificial lawn looks pristine all through the year, whatever the weather. But you can save yourself time and work by taking steps to make sure that your garden stays in fantastic shape throughout winter, and looks just as good as the lawn when you finally start to think about gardening again.

We are lawn specialists rather than gardening experts, but we do talk and deal with many horticulturalists, and regularly ask them for tips.

So here is ‘the LazyLawn Dozen’ – 12 simple tips we have picked up along the way…

  • Remove weeds before they seed. Weed the garden late into the autumn.
  • When the herbaceous borders are empty of flowers, have a check and see if any structural repairs need doing?
  • Check walls and fences for signs of wear and tear, and replace any loose panels or holes. Also secure wobbly paving stones.
  • Add organic matter to your soil to keep it healthy and absorbent – any good garden centre will advise the best products.
  • Chose plants and flowers that are comfortable with our climate.
  • Clean and oil unpainted timber twice a year. It is also worth tightening the screws in garden settings once a year, too.
  • Paint fences, especially timber ones, with good quality paint that has a long guarantee and weather proofing. Again, a good garden centre would help you choose.
  • Cover your garden furniture – tables and chairs – in the winter, to prevent a battering from the elements.
  • Take in smaller garden items ahead of winter setting in – put them in the garage, or the shed if you have one.
  • Jet wash your patio before winter sets in.
  • If you have a pond, cover it with a net to prevent falling leaves polluting the water. If you have fish, ensure the water never freezes completely to enable them to breathe.
  • Think spring – plant bulbs and have something to look forward to!

Having installed a LazyLawn, the grassy part of your garden will give you a worry free winter. But why make hard work for yourself as spring sets in?

Hopefully a few tips from us will mean it is not just your lawn that looks fantastic all year through!

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