Lazy Larry wishes you an eggs-cellent Easter holiday

The cold weather that has blighted us all for much of the year so far, makes one think more of Christmas than Easter. Yet the Easter Holiday weekend is almost upon us!

Whereas Christmas means Santa Claus and reindeers for children all over the world, at Easter the young people turn their attention to bunnies and eggs.

Long ago, the Easter Bunny was called the “Easter Hare” – hares and rabbits have frequent multiple births, so they became a symbol of fertility. Indeed, the custom of an Easter egg hunt began because children believed that hares laid eggs in the grass.

Like Christmas, Easter is essentially a religious occasion that has become heavily commercialised. And the seasonal tradition is about children going on hunts for chocolate eggs and sweets around their homes or neighbourhood, that have been delivered by the Easter Bunny.

Here at LazyLawn headquarters our very own bunny Lazy Larry is getting himself extremely excited about the Easter weekend.

The LazyLawn bunny is our company mascot – and he too is hoping that children all over the country, like those worldwide, will have their annual treat of sweets and chocolate eggs to enjoy on Easter Sunday.

Our LazyLawn bunny loves joining in an egg hunt. Especially with friends in the back garden.

Obviously, where Lazy Larry lives there is an artificial lawn. It means he and his friends can hop, skip and jump around the garden to their hearts’ content without the worry of damaging the lawn, or going back indoors caked in mud.

That is the joy of a LazyLawn – not only can you chase around them looking for Easter eggs without fear of any damage or muddy patches, the lawn looks luscious green throughout the year.

It all means a guaranteed holiday weekend of fun for our Easter bunny. What an eggs-cellent idea it was to install an artificial lawn where he lives!

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