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How cool is your school?

School play area transformed with a bespoke design using LazyLawn Artificial Lawn Grass. A roadway meanders through the green turf past blue water areas. Coloured shapes are doted around so the children can enjoy colour association games and to complete the area, a sneaky, slimy snake awaits! 

More than just an  Outdoor Classroom  – a LazyLawn can be a place of fun, discovery and adventure!

Now the summer holidays have come to a close, throughout the country the children have returned back to school, with the teachers also fresh and ready for a new school year.

Whilst the kids have been away on their vacation, behind the scenes many of the schools facilities and play spcaces have also been upgraded. LazyLawn play areas have been going down at a pace UK wide with some quite remarkable results and many have been designed by the schools themselves to create their own unique area.

The project featured on this page showcases a new 1500 sqm nursery makeover which was cleverly designed in conjunction with Cool Gardens and manufactured at our UK head office with a range of artificial grass colours to produce a super cool play space.

CAD engineers take the design and program the shapes on to large state-of-the-art cutting machines to cut the sections of grass colours. The parts are then assembled, seamed, rolled and then shipped to site. The installation team then install as they would install normal synthetic grass, only when they kick out the rolls, each roll has a unique design already inlaid within it – awesome!

No Mud, No Mess, No Hassle

Schools are increasingly turning to the option of artificial grass for their play areas and Head Teachers recognise the key merits of synthetic turf, as householders are – especially those with children. And where youngsters are concerned, the virtues are many.

We may well be in the summer, but autumn is not that far away, and it will not be too long before the attentions of some young children will start drifting towards Christmas – and mid winter!

And schools have to look that far ahead, and further. Autumn means the children will be running around on the grass while the sun still shines, while winter means the grass becomes either wet or frosty.

Wet turf means mud and hard ground brings with it the danger of someone doing themselves a serious injury. Combined, it means the grass suffers serious wear and tear, and takes a lot of work to make it look appealing.

Of the projects LazyLawn are involved in, the common denominator was the natural turf was tired, worn out and patchy after years of being run and trodden on. It was not nice on the eye, nor was it pleasant for the children to play on – and becoming potentially dangerous, not to say inconvenient to mums who had extra work caused by filthy school uniforms!

LazyLawn is proving the obvious solution – a year round soft, green and child friendly environment.

Artificial grass surfaces are hard wearing and perfect for multi-use games areas. It means the grass looks good throughout the year, but being a school, the LazyLawn team can make the area look funky and cool, to add another dimension to the play area.

The surfaces are easy to maintain. They are safe. They are not dirty. And the feel of them is just like grass. And synthetic lawns look great whatever the season, whatever the weather!

And it is why LazyLawn installers are so busy this summer, helping schools all over the country prepare for the new term in September.

School – the best days of your life? 

Well, with a cool school like this, the evidence certainly suggests that!

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