Make your Dad as happy as Larry this Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. And your correspondent can only speak for himself when he admits that an ideal ‘gift’ that my two sons can give me to celebrate the day is by offering to mow the lawn for me.

This wouldn’t cost them a penny, and they know it’s a chore I detest. Surely a win-win situation, other than the fact it eats into their Sunday morning computer time! Ho hum, back to the real world.

But more fool me for not having had a fake lawn installed. Actually it is only because I am moving home soon that it has not been discussed. But trust me, it will be high on the agenda in the new home. The LazyLawn team do not need to sell it to me, though the more I see of their handiwork, the more convinced I am of the necessary investment.

Just think of the benefits!

For me, the biggest benefit will be the sheer relief of not having to spend every other Sunday, between April and October, pushing the lawnmower around the back garden. An excuse for a lie-in, on an extra hour to digest the Sunday newspapers!

Imagine the pride of being able to look out of the kitchen window, come rain, hail or shine, and see a pristine lawn, looking a luscious green whatever the weather outdoors.

Then there’s the pleasure of being able to see your children, or grandchildren, running around the garden without panicking about mud patches on the lawn. Alternatively, no more tears from the youngsters when the sun’s been shining for a few days (if only!), and the surface becomes rock hard. Plastic turf is a soft surface, and far more agreeable to fall down on.

And that’s not to mention the end of muddy clothes from playing out in the garden, or the annoying footprints from when they run indoors for a drink or a quick snack, and are in too much of a hurry to take off their footwear first.

Mind you, it’s not just the children who have a habit of causing a mess indoors! Family pets, anyone!

I don’t have a family pet, but I do know people who tell me their artificial lawn is perfect for pets, too. No more annoying mud patches from Fido, and no more running back indoors with filthy paws imprinting all over the carpet! It’s not even a problem when pets answer the call of nature in the back garden – it’s such a quick and simple cleaning up job.

Indeed, the maintenance of artificial lawns is another big plus in any debate about ‘should we – shouldn’t we’.

One of the great benefits of having an imitation lawn, is the low amount of work needed to maintain it. But obviously, giving it some regular TLC will ensure it looks great all year through. The lawn is easy to clean, stains are simple to remove, and while there will be a minimum amount of growth from unwanted plants, you can use moss and weed killer on your synthetic lawn, and then just sweep them away.

So there you have it. What better way of showing dad how much you love him this coming Fathers’ Day, than setting the wheels in motion for the installation of a LazyLawn. You really won’t regret it – He’ll be as happy as Larry! 🙂

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