Real lawns are a thing of the past!

Real Lawns A Thing Of The Past - LazyLawn

Following the recent story on BBC’s The One Show last month, artificial grass has hit the news again by appearing in the Daily Mail.

The article revealed that real lawns are now becoming a thing of the past, with two-thirds of homeowners claiming to have installed synthetic turf because they do not have enough time to mow their lawn.

Big or small, a well-spruced, freshly mowed lawn was standard garden etiquette for many British homeowners. But with busy schedules and family life taking priority, homeowners are now choosing to avoid the weekend chore of mowing their lawn and are seeking low maintenance alternatives.

The research by garden furniture company,, also discovered that one in four homes in the UK now has no grass in the garden and claims that gardening has ‘fallen out of favour’ with many Brits. *

These are all findings that are no surprise to us and thanks to our recent survey, we discovered that:

  • 56% of the 1,732 adults with a garden who were questioned admitted spending up to £200 annually on lawn maintenance.
  • 1% of those questioned revealed they splash out between a whopping £801 and £1,000 on maintaining their lawn.
  • The average spend across the UK was found to be £153
  • 73% British adults viewed having a lawn that always looks neat and tidy as the biggest benefit of installing a synthetic lawn

It would cost £2,700 to have a LazyLawn professionally installed in the average garden, measuring 40 square metres, which works out as £180 per year for the 15-year life expectancy.

Artificial turf has transformed in recent years and is now of higher quality and more realistic than ever before and we can prove this at LazyLawn, with our excellent range of colours, pile heights and textures.

Opting for a LazyLawn is now the thing to do, allowing homeowners to sit back, put their feet up and enjoy a neat and tidy garden, without having to put in all the hard work, or annual expense!

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