Preschool swaps muddy garden for lush LazyLawn

Lazy-Lawns At Middle Barton Pre School

Youngsters at a preschool near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, have ditched their wellies and are spending more time outside after having their outdoor play area transformed by LazyLawn.

Middle Barton Preschool has swapped its muddy garden for a lush green LazyLawn, after the artificial turf specialist rolled out 70 square metres of its Wonder Yarn 26mm turf.

The new garden will now allow the preschool’s two to five-year-olds to play outside all year round.

Preschool supervisor Linda Horwood-Smith comments:

“We decided we wanted an alternative to natural grass because at certain times of the year the garden would become something of a mud bath, meaning the children would all have to don their wellies before being allowed outside.

“We had new grass installed in the garden about three years ago, but unfortunately it did nothing to solve the problem as the garden has a natural slope to it where water would gather; we decided artificial grass offered the perfect solution.

“Thanks to the LazyLawn the children will now be able to access the garden all year round and we’ll certainly be able to use it more than we previously did.

“It’s really comfy to sit on and we are really impressed with its appearance – it looks just like freshly mown grass – and with how quickly it dries out after it has rained.”

Pupils demonstrated their approval of the new LazyLawn by thanking the installation team with a handmade card listing all the reasons why they love their new garden.

The LazyLawn is also sure to prove a hit with parents as its no mud, no mess promise means they’ll no longer have to contend with grass or mud stained clothes.

The UK’s biggest artificial grass brand is proving a hit with nurseries, preschools and schools across the county and the country, after transforming hundreds of outdoor play areas.

LazyLawn Oxfordshire comments:

“We worked closely with Middle Barton Preschool to provide a cost-effective solution to their needs and were able to recommend our Wonder Yarn artificial grass, which is our highest quality turf and has the ability to bounce back.

“Wonder Yarn is specifically designed for high traffic areas like this and creates a clean, safe surface for children to play on that’s also incredibly hard wearing.

“We think their new LazyLawn will offer the preschool many benefits as it is low maintenance, mess-free and is suitable for those with hay fever, making it ideal for use all year round.”

Lazy-Lawns At Middle Barton Pre School

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