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Outdoor Play Can Help Boost Children’s Learning

Artificial Grass Installation for Langham School

A recent report from Ofsted regarding a LazyLawn artificial grass installation at Langham School in Rutland highlights the benefits of outdoor play and learning which are essential to children’s health and development.

The team at LazyLawn installed artificial grass at Langham Primary School which included a roadway with parking and a zebra crossing, they also had a running track and hopscotch area installed. As you can see from the following recent Ofsted visit the Lazylawn is having a significant positive impact on the childrens learning:

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“The school’s investment in new resources for the Reception class and the complete overhaul and redesign of the outdoor area are also contributing to improvements in the early years. The outdoor environment is now an exciting and enjoyable place to learn. It successfully supports children’s learning by motivating them to take part in a wide range of exciting and challenging activities to develop skills across all areas of learning.”

It is believed that by encouraging outdoor play will not only will benefit children’s learning but can also improve and refine motor skills whilst developing strength and coordination.

By installing some artificial grass and LazyLawn Roadway Sections children can be taught about road safety, it will inspire their imagination to go wild as they zoom around pretending to be cars, aeroplanes, tanks etc! Also imaginative play helps develop their social skills in decision making, leadership, team work and cooperation as well as other character building traits.

UK Children Spend Less Time Outside Than Prison Inmates!

Bearing in mind that children today have fewer opportunities for outdoor play partly because of busy family schedules and an increase in use of smartphones and tablets. Also parents are reluctant to let children play outside because of the fearful social climate so it is even more important for schools to try and encourage development of dedicated places outdoors for play and learning. In a recent survey it was revealed that three-quarters of UK children spend less time outside than prison inmates!

Also just 15 minutes of outdoor play a day can give your children their daily dose of Vitamin D which is essential for bone growth and development.

With all this in mind it is clear that there needs to be more emphasis on the benefits of outdoor play and outdoor learning in young children.

To find out how artificial grass from LazyLawn can transform your outdoor play area then please contact our sales team on 0800 023 2343 or fill out our online form here.

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