Outdoor activities on the garden lawn this half term

It’s the school holidays, and the last thing you need, or want, is bored children on your hands.

You’ve done the day out, the cinema and fast food treat, and inflicted on them a trip to the shops. You’ve been on line and looked at all the options for entertainments and days out, but – frankly – it can become a bit expensive if you try to maintain the treats throughout the week.

So now they’re in the bedrooms playing computer games, because going outside to play may be a non-starter due to the fears of damage to the lawn if the youngsters decided to host their own Champions League tournament, or just inflict some serious wear and tear – and with spring just around the corner, you want the back garden to look in good condition.

Well, with “a state of the art artificial lawn” (the words of Alan Titchmarsh no less), you need have no fear of the children slipping and sliding, running and jumping, playing football or generally just wearing themselves out with energetic activity. Even the family pet can have a great time, and not worry about being in the dog-house later for making a mess!

A LazyLawn can handle it all. And at the end of the day – indeed, the week – still looks as pristine as it did when the youngsters first went out in search for activity hours earlier. That is the benefit of a professionally installed LazyLawn – the household’s gardener in chief need worry no more about looking out of the window and see mud patches, tufts of grass all over the place, and the general carnage of children making merry on a wet lawn.

Oh, and it is worth pointing out, that when the children come back indoors, they might be a little wet, but they will not be muddy! Oh, and the dog will not run in treading mud all over the place, either. Not only that, an artificial lawn is safe. It is why more and more local authorities are installing artificial grass in public parks and other facilities.

Sure, it is great to have days out, and you only have to look around the internet to find all the options of children’s entertainment during school holidays. But you cannot sustain that day in, day out – and there is nothing worse than bored youngsters loafing around the house looking for things to do.

But with a LazyLawn the options become much more agreeable. Safe, mud free – and the comfort of knowing that the lawn will look just as lovely at tea time, as it did before breakfast! It is why more and more households are ripping up the turf, and installing the artificial alternative. And the school holidays are just another reminder of the merits.

Oh, and talking of school holidays – it is not that long until Easter!

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