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The arrival of February might well signal to many that winter is approaching its finale, and spring is just around the corner.

But winter has a habit of having a final hurrah. So if you think you have seen all the snow for this year, be warned – it ain’t necessarily so!

Snow might well cause enormous inconvenience to the day to day running of the country, but there are many who await its arrival with relish. Like school children, who do not lose money by missing school, and for whom an unexpected day or two at home is the signal for the fun to begin!

Suddenly the garden then becomes the venue for intense fun, as youngsters relish the opportunity to build snowmen, and even igloos, and dust down the sledge and start dragging it all over the lawn!

Without wishing to state the blindingly obvious, snow is wet. So while the children run around the lawn throwing snowballs at each other, build their snowmen and igloos, or pull their friends around on the sledge, underneath that white layer is a lawn that is being given a very hard time.

Then the snow melts, and the lawn transforms quickly from a blanket of white to a wet, sludgy, and potentially very muddy, sight for sore eyes.

Unless, that is, you have invested in an artificial lawn!

An artificial lawn remains pristine through all four seasons. Be it winter, summer, autumn or spring, you will have luscious looking green grass to look at. And when it snows, the children, and even the family pets, can play and frolic around the lawn to their hearts content, without the worry of churning up turf in the process, and leaving a legacy of mud.

But forget the snow, and look ahead to the nights getting lighter, the days getting warmer, and the calendar nudging its way towards spring. After all, some supermarkets are already stocking Easter Eggs!

With LazyLawn, your garden will have weathered the trials and tribulations of the winter elements. And for the children, the snowball fights become the small-sided football challenges, or just the simple mayhem of general garden activity.

While many householders will fret about muddy skid marks, or the grass being hacked left, right and centre, those with the foresight to dig up the turf and install a plastic lawn can look on at the youngsters causing their mayhem in the safe knowledge that their lawn will still look just as beautiful at the end of the day, as it did at the start.

The same goes for schools and playgroups – and think how much wear and tear the grass suffers there! And what is more, the children will not even realise the grass they are running around on is not the real thing!

And this is why the trend to invest in a LazyLawn is increasing year on year. Whatever the weather – be it rain, snow or sunshine – youngsters can have fantastic fun in the back garden without leaving a mess.

And it is why our customers have been telling us of their relief and delight when the recent heavy fall of snow finally melted, without leaving any legacy to their lawn!

So plenty of fun, without any fret! Go on – spring into action, and consider the many benefits – Time to make your lawn a LazyLawn?

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