LazyLawn wins Match Point with Iris’ London office

LazyLawn London Iris Tennis Court

LazyLawn has served an ace for the creative innovation network after installing a tennis court at its London office.

The UK’s biggest artificial grass brand has installed over 160 square metres of turf at Iris Worldwide, in Southwark, Giving the once boring courtyard a much needed boost to help maximize the space adding a wow factor.

Cormac Davies, Head of Facilities at iris, the Global Creative Innovation Network, comments:

The previous outside space was pretty dull and unloved – we wanted to turn it into an inspirational working space people across the agency could enjoy.

We needed to renovate the outside area and create a new reception space, but we wanted it to be something that no other agency would have.

It’s transformed our reception area, created a talking point for visiting clients and a collaborative working space for our people here.

The actual court in itself provides our staff with a well-earned break and the rest of us, a pretty good laugh at their varying levels of tennis prowess, and how many other businesses do you know of with a tennis court in their reception?

We’d worked with LazyLawn before, they’ve been great to work with and it was important to work with someone that knew our agency personality well on this particular project.

LazyLawn has created a centralised 10m by 5m tennis court within the 13m by 13m courtyard using its Grass Park Junior artificial turf.

LazyLawn London Iris Play Tennis Court

Dean Anderson, of LazyLawn East London, comments:

We recommended Grass Park Junior because its appearance is in keeping with that of a natural tennis court as it boasts a strong green colour.

It is also an incredibly durable and hard wearing synthetic grass due to its dense pile design, which makes it an ideal product for areas with a high footfall.

As the area was previously paved, we have increased the drainage time and comfort underfoot by adding a foam underlay.

The white lines of the court have been added using our white Grass Park Junior turf, ensuring they will never fade.

LazyLawn London Iris Group Tennis Court

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