LazyLawn Support Action Group Against ‘Garden Grabbing!

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Come and see Britain’s only road that is grassed! A suburban street TURFED! SOS Avenue Gardens are thrilled that LazyLawn will be supporting the event and donating over 200sqm’s of turf to make the street green!

SOS Avenue Gardens a community action group against ‘Garden Grabbing’ will be holding an event in their street on WEDNESDAY 24th September from 2 till 7pm.

The street will be ‘turned into a garden’ courtesy of LazyLawn, who support this cause and the groups work. The residents will be dressed in green and participating in picnics, a tug of war and live music. Group supporters SUSAN KRAMER MP for Richmond and ZAC GOLDSMITH conservationist and Conservative parliamentary candidate will be at the event.

Avenue Gardens, a small cul-de-sac in East Sheen London, is under threat. A property with a large garden which takes up 25% of the street is up for development into five flats and four houses, the campaign is on to stop this kind of, in the word’s of worried residents, ‘Greedy, high density nightmare.’

They, like many ordinary people nationwide, want green spaces preserved, and not see their communities turned into a concrete jungle.

The campaigning goes further than this small patch of South London. Julia Bates, Co-Chair of the Action Group, sees this as a widespread problem. ‘This isn’t a NIMBY response, I’d say we were NIABY we don’t want this happening in anybody’sbackyard, the law needs to be changed to turn gardens into greenfield sites, not brownfield as they now are, and to put an end to this exploitation of our environment. These sort of proposals, where you squash a ridiculous amount of housing into a garden, are not serving any social need, and are providing no proper gardens for the homeowners.

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