Artificial Putting Greens – Have you got the Golf Bug?

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Whenever a major sporting event appears on our TV screens, be it Wimbledon, The Six Nations, Euro 2008 and in this case the Ryder Cup, we get the urge to rummage through our garages, dust down the golf clubs and become the 13th member of the team.

Although we would like to think we could make the grade, after a trip to the driving range, a round at the local course or even a knock about on the back lawn, all too often we realise that if you really want to be good at a sport (or even remain on the golf course!) then you need to practice a little bit more. With the kids fast growing up, you dont want to be upstaged on your next trip to the local club too!

LazyLawn artificial putting greens are a fantastic investment for both the amateur and professional golfers and enable you to practice your strokes in the comfort of your own back garden. The greens are available in a variety of shapes and sizes or they can be tailor-made to meet your individual needs.

An artificial fringe can be added using Wonder Yarn, to enable you to practice your chipping shots too. Curves, raises and dips can also be created to make the putting green more challenging by our professional installation teams.

Although Xmas is still nearly 14 weeks away, maybe a putting green would make an ideal present for your partner?

For more detailed information on the putting greens please click here or call us on 0800 023 2343 for more information.

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