Lazylawn: Solution to snow mould

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Now that the winter months are behind us, people are venturing back out into their gardens but some people may be shocked to find large brown patches on their lawns. This is known as snow mould and is a fungal disease that grows during the cold, wet weather. Although snow mould damage will recover over time, it can look very unsightly in the early spring.

A lawn with snow mould and an artificial grass lawn

If you are planning any garden parties during spring then the last thing you want is a lawn area that is brown, patchy and has seen better days. A yearlong round solution would be to get an artificial lawn which won’t be affected during the cold months.

Why not have a look at the range of products available from Lazylawn, so that you can have a perfect looking lawn all year round.

My LazyLawn is…enjoying my garden all year round.’

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