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With the weather finally getting a little warmer and the school holidays and Easter coming up, now is the perfect time to get out into your garden. But if your children are out playing on the grass everyday then it can become a little worn, which is where a synthetic lawn would be perfect. So once you’ve got that LazyLawn fitted it’s time to head outside and play and Lazy Larry is here with my favourite three garden games to keep your kiddies entertained…

Obstacle/assault course

An obstacle course is great fun in the garden and is easy to set up. You can do time races or if you have enough equipment you could set up two courses and race at the same time against friends. Just remember to be careful.

Anything in the garden can be used to create obstacles, for example you could use garden chairs or hammocks to crawl under, the garden hose laid out as a snake to step over or carrying a full watering can a certain distance. You don’t even have to worry about your lawn getting damaged as the blades of the artificial grass will recover after activity.


Now whether you call it tag, tig or anything else, there are many variations to play and my favourite is Freeze Tag. With one person being ‘it’, they must chase around the other players and tag them. If you get tagged then you must freeze instantly in that position and can’t move again unless you are freed by a different player. You can play until the person who is ‘it’ tags everyone or set a time limit.

Easter egg hunt

Now this is one of my favourites! A great game to play for Easter is hiding eggs in the garden and getting the children to find them, with whoever finds the most being the winner…it’s always me when I play, I’m not lazy when it comes to finding chocolate eggs!. The garden has many great places to hide the eggs such as in plant pots, in bushes, up trees or you could even bury some in the soil and create treasure maps to find them.

So why not get out there and enjoy your fake grass and play some of my favourite garden games or why not let me know what else you like to play in your garden by sending me a tweet @lazylawn?

It would be great to hear from you and what your lazylawn is to you, because ‘My LazyLawn is… playing lots of fun garden games‘

Lazy Larry

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