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LazyLawn does wonders for Chiswick Town Hall

Chiswick Town Hall has enlisted the help of artificial grass brand, LazyLawn, to add a splash of colour to its outdoor space.

LazyLawn has rolled out 36 square metres of its Wonder Yarn artificial turf at Chiswick Town Hall, transforming the dull, overgrown area of land into a low maintenance garden that looks great all year round.

Jonathan Brabrook, Venues Supervisor at Chiswick Town Hall, managed by Fusion Lifestyle in partnership with Hounslow Council, comments: “We wanted the area cleaned up and needed a solution that was easy to maintain, which is why we looked into installing artificial grass.

We thought it would look much brighter and more attractive if we opted for LazyLawn over using paving or gravel.

It’s also been a real talking point in Chiswick, with people even having their photo taken next to the LazyLawn – everyone’s thrilled to bits with it.

The service we received was brilliant, as the team recommended the best product for the job and completed the installation very quickly.

LazyLawn, which is based in Chiswick, recommended its patented Wonder Yarn turf for the project due to the product’s durability.

The Project Manager of LazyLawn London comments: “When we saw the sorry state of the area, which was all overgrown weeds, we knew that a LazyLawn would completely transform it.

We recommended our Wonder Yarn grass with a pile height of 36mm, as it is a really natural looking artificial turf and features pioneering technology.

Wonder Yarn features a ‘W’ shaped yarn with the ability to recover after activity, as the shape of the yarn forces the blades of grass to stand upright.

This makes it the most resilient artificial turf on the market and gives it the unique ability to bounce back, just like natural grass.

LazyLawn is also incredibly fast draining, is fully UV stabilised to prevent fading and requires no mowing or watering and very little maintenance, so it’s ideal for projects of this kind.

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