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LazyLawn brings the outdoors in!

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LazyLawn has brought the outdoors in at a new children’s play space in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, after rolling out its artificial grass to help create an indoor garden.

The UK’s biggest artificial grass brand has rolled out 160 square metres of turf at the Secret Garden, on Sun Street, creating a unique indoor garden and roadway that can be used by children all year round.

The project is the brainchild of Kathleen Thomas and Isabelle Maguire, who called on LazyLawn to add the authentic touch to their Secret Garden.

Lazylawn outdoors indoors

Kathleen comments: “The Secret Garden is a new indoor garden play area where children under five can have fun while their parents can relax.

“We have brought the ‘outdoor in’, and created a space where there are trees, grass and playhouses for little ones to play to their hearts’ content.

“We decided against using carpet in the garden as the texture of the flooring was really important to us, especially with it being designed for young children, and we were inspired after seeing LazyLawn on Pinterest.

“We had always wanted to create an authentic indoor garden, so we were delighted to discover that LazyLawn offers so many different textures and shades of artificial grass.

lazylawn artificial grass pink rabbit

“They were also able to present us with a design for the garden that included different zones depending on the texture of the grass, as well as a roadway.

“LazyLawn is also incredibly hard wearing, but easy to clean and look after, so those aspects really appealed to us.

“Everyone who visits the Secret Garden says it’s not what they had expected and the kids absolutely love it – it’s really got the wow-factor.”

LazyLawn worked closely with Kathleen and Isabelle during the design process to ensure the seeds of their idea would grow into the garden they had envisaged.

The garden was created using LazyLawn’s patented Wonder Yarn grass, which has the unique ability to bounce back, while a path and roadway, complete with white markings, were added using green Play Time turf with black and white Fun Grass.

Shaun Fabian, of LazyLawn Bucks, comments: “We’re delighted to hear how successful the Secret Garden has been and to know that Kathleen and Isabelle are so pleased with the new indoor play area we have created for them.

“They approached us with the initial idea and asked us to design a child-friendly garden that would stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

“We recommended our Wonder Yarn turf for the majority of the installation, as it looks realistic thanks to the mixed colour of the grass strands and is very soft to touch.

“Due to its pioneering design, this artificial grass also has the ability to bounce back after activity, making it ideal for areas that receive a high footfall.

“Our PlayTime turf is also incredibly hard wearing and has been specifically designed for schools and nurseries, many of which have turned to LazyLawn for an outdoor play area that is mud-free, and low maintenance.”

LazyLawn, the flagship brand of Evergreens UK, has seen demand for its products grow by 20% over the last year and has already worked with a number of schools and nurseries around the country to create low maintenance, mess free play areas.

lazylawn road indoors

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