LazyLawn Do One Hull Of A Job!

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Westfield Primary School Artificial Grass

The Westfield Primary School, Hull has had a 200 square metre make over! The once drab and dull gravel courtyard has now been transformed into a ‘chill zone’ in which children can relax, thanks to the installation of artificial grass from LazyLawn.

The UK’s biggest artificial grass brand rolled out 200 square metres of turf at The Primary School, in Hull, turning its courtyard into a lush, green outdoor retreat and saving money in the process.

The gravel in the courtyard was making a mess on nearby pathways and causing blockages in the drains, prompting the school to act.

“Everyone at the school was amazed when the lawn was completed,” said school business manager Vikki Garner, “and at the first break time the children insisted on taking off their shoes before going on it, because it’s so soft.”

The school opted for the Wonder Yarn brand of artificial grass for its realistic look and feel and its hard-wearing durability – perfect for coping with boisterous children at break time.

Vikki continued: “Putting LazyLawn in the courtyard has transformed this area from somewhere the children used to run through to get to the playground to a ‘chill zone’ where they are happy to sit and read or play quiet games.

“It has also saved us money from getting the drains cleared every few months! We have had a number of other schools visit and they cannot believe how stunning it looks and we can wholeheartedly recommend it.”

Westfield Primary School Artificial Grass

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