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Can You Use Fireworks on Artificial Grass?

Fireworks & LazyLawns: Is It Safe?

Due to the unsafe nature of mixing fireworks with artificial grass, we put have together a list of alternative ways you can celebrate on Bonfire Night without the use of fireworks.

This time of year can be particularly exciting, especially for those looking forward to Bonfire Night. Cuddling up with your loved ones or celebrating with your friends and family whilst hearing the pops and crackles of the fireworks can be an exhilarating experience. Setting off fireworks on one of our LazyLawn products can cause serious, permanent damage to the grass, so we don‘t recommend you use them on your new installation.

Below are some other ways you can celebrate with your loved ones on this exciting night.

Fireworks – on Concrete

Does your garden have an area with concrete? This would be an ideal area to display fireworks. While fireworks on artificial grass might be out of the question, you have an alternative, which means not only do you get to have the best of both worlds, but you can also appreciate fireworks as well as your gorgeous new installation. Just be careful to keep the fireworks well away from your LazyLawn!

Fireworks Lighting

If setting them off in your garden isn’t an option, perhaps using firework-based decorations around your home is an alternative. Try using glittery, reflective decorations to emulate the sparkly, vibrant nature of fireworks. For example Chinese lanterns, LEDs or traditional fairy lights can all look amazing. There are some great outside lighting options that can bring that firework vibe to your garden.

Projections & Simulations

This is an unconventional way to showcase fireworks and celebrate Bonfire Night. Try projecting a firework display onto a blank wall, complete with the sounds to replicate a display. Safe, clean, and practical!

Non-Fire Fireworks

If the kids want to participate safely in Bonfire Night, try these ideas for Non-Fire Fireworks. This one is a great idea for the little ones, you might find some excitement in the experiments! Educational as well as entertaining, these ideas are a great alternative to fireworks.

Mentos + Diet Cola

For a spectacular display of Diet Cola shooting metres up into the air, stick a few Mentos into a bottle, stand back and appreciate the science at work. The pair who made this experiment famous display how simple it can be in this video.

This will keep you (and your little ones) entertained for hours.

Vinegar + Baking Soda Rocket

Another one for the kids, this experiment is a particularly exciting one. All you need is an empty plastic bottle, gaffer tape, a few pencils, vinegar, and some baking soda. Once you have these, check out this video.

A brilliant one to try out with your kids, especially during the celebratory season. Quick to put together, easy to execute, and a treat to watch!

Good Music

Remember, it’s not all about the fireworks – music is key to a good party. The idea behind this is that once you have the music, your guests will be having a good time and dancing away, removing the need for a firework show! Ensure the music is a mix of party anthems and old favourites to keep your guests entertained the whole night through.

Food & Refreshments

Aside from music, good food and refreshments are the cornerstone of a memorable party. Whether it’s a BBQ (read our recent post for more on BBQs and artificial grass) with hot dogs, burgers or steaks or simply a few kebab skewers, more than anything else, food will be the defining point of your party. As long as you keep your guests’ stomachs full and their thirsts’ quenched, they’ll be sure to have a good time.

Visit a Public Firework Display

If none of the above are possible for you, then you might want to visit a public fireworks display. Public events often have the budget to produce some of the finest firework displays and attending one of these is a brilliant alternative. Grandiose, loud and spectacular, these displays are always worth a visit. Interesting fact – during the New Year’s Eve celebration of 2015, London had spent £1.8 million on their fireworks display!

Further Information on Artificial Grass & Fireworks

If you have any further questions about the usage of fireworks on or near artificial grass, please get in touch with us. The utmost care must be taken with a LazyLawn, especially during this festive period. Visit the FAQ page for further information about various other topics, such as the costs involved for a LazyLawn and how long an installation takes.

Call us on 0800 023 2343 for more information about this or any other enquiry you may have.

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