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Avast! Try Your Luck With LazyLawn Adventure Golf!

LazyLawn artificial grass on a adventure golf course

LazyLawn Artificial Grass Adventure Golf

One Stop Golf, one of Hull’s largest family attractions has enlisted the help of the UK’s biggest artificial grass supplier to install a new low maintenance adventure golf course.

LazyLawn has added the artificial touch to a nine-hole pirate adventure golf course at One Stop Golf, after rolling out 700 square metres of its realistic looking turf.

Using a selection of four artificial turf textures and colours, LazyLawn has installed a course that offers the same playing experience as a natural one, minus the maintenance costs.

Ben Rozenbroek, owner of Pirate Adventure Golf, comments: “The area was previously unused, so adding a pirate adventure golf course was the best way to utilise the available land.

“I’ve seen other adventure courses built with artificial grass and thought it would be the easiest way to install and run one.

“Now the course is installed there are no maintenance costs and the artificial grass won’t wear down, get muddy or have any divots like natural turf, so it requires very little upkeep.

“We’re delighted with the finished course and with the feedback we have received from visitors – everyone loves it.”

LazyLawn used a combination of four turfs, which was key to creating a putting green that looked realistic, but also offered an authentic putting experience.

LazyLawn comments: “One Stop Golf called upon us to install and build this bespoke project, which took five weeks to complete.

“We used a selection of four turf types, which was key to creating a course that is realistic in appearance, but also offers an authentic playing experience.

“Grass Park Junior was the turf selected for the fairways and Nylon Pro used for the putting greens, both were chosen due to their low, dense pile, while the bunker was installed using beige Fun Grass.

“Wonder Yarn 26mm was used for the course’s rough as its pile height creates a drag on the club, but also because our W-shaped yarn offers added durability and allows the blades to recover after activity, just like natural grass.

“In keeping with the pirate theme, we created a water theme throughout using blue wet pour.”

To discuss your adventure golf project, please call 0800 023 2343.

LazyLawn Artificial Grass Adventure Golf

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