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Why artificial grass around a swimming pool?

Why artificial grass around a swimming pool?

We all know the feeling. You have had a dip in the swimming pool, whether it is in your back garden or on holiday and you feel nice, relaxed, and refreshed. Until…your foot touches the concrete surround of the pool. Hot from the blazing sun (we can be optimistic), you get an uncomfortable shock or even in less warm climates, your wet feet are prone to picking up all sorts of dirt. Yuck.

This is where artificial grass swimming pool surrounds can ultimately save the day and make your life much easier.


Looking after you and your feet

Artificial grass is a much softer alternative to concrete or any other surface. This means that swimming pool surrounds are much kinder to your feet and can act as a large towel to dry your feet off. The grass also reduces the chance of transporting any unwanted dirt indoors. We all know that children love to run around and have fun by the poolside without thinking about the potential dangers of slippery surfaces. Artificial grass absorbs any water residue from splashes or wet bodies to almost eradicate the risk of slips. In the event of any slips or tumbles, which, let us face it, is quite possible, the grass provides a much softer landing.


Artificial grass is so easy to maintain, that is why we call ourselves LazyLawn. You can save a great deal of time and money. It requires very little cleaning and doesn’t suffer from water residue or salt/chlorine build up. A very durable product.

Looking Good

Aside from being kinder to your feet and a very durable product, swimming pool surrounds can also be an attractive finish to your swimming pool with a variety of fresh green tones that never go off colour. You could also opt for a decking style colour if you wanted a subtler colour tone.

We may be LazyLawn but lazy we are not

At LazyLawn we do not have just one type of artificial grass that is suitable for swimming pool surrounds, we have nine — eight in varying shades of green and one in a more neutral decking style colour. If you would like to talk to us for more information then get in touch.

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