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Top 3 reasons you should choose LazyLawn in 2017

Top 3 reasons you should choose lazylawn in 2017

LEADING artificial grass provider LazyLawn is encouraging homeowners to opt for artificial grass in 2017.

Artificial grass has experienced a huge surge in popularity in recent years, with LazyLawn installing thousands of gardens in 2016.

So why should you choose artificial grass in 2017?

1. It’s perfect for avid gardeners

LazyLawn is the preferred choice for keen gardeners. Homeowner Frank Segal chose to install artificial grass in his front garden following a recommendation from his daughter who had also just transformed her own garden with LazyLawn.

Frank and his wife Gloria decided to branch away from natural turf when their front garden became overrun by the casts left by earthworms.

Frank said: “We had a fantastic experience with LazyLawn. The worm casts in our garden were getting out of control and we knew, from our daughter’s experience, that LazyLawn would be a low maintenance alternative. The best thing is that we don’t have to compromise on the appearance of it because it looks fantastic.

“My wife is a very keen gardener and she loves her new LazyLawn!”

Andy Driver, Marketing Director for LazyLawn, said:

“Many of our customers come to us with a need to make their lives easier. Gloria and Frank wanted to be able to enjoy tending to their garden, without the stress of maintaining their lawn.

“LazyLawn is perfect for those who are looking for a way to keep the maintenance of their garden to a minimum. Whether you’re a professional who is away from home a lot, a family with a dog that keeps destroying the back garden or an elderly couple who cannot tend to the lawn in the way they would like to – LazyLawn is perfect for today’s modern lifestyle.”

2. It’s everywhere

LazyLawn is the fashionable way of achieving a fantastic looking lawn with a lot less effort and is the chosen supplier for many national brands.

LazyLawn was the first artificial grass to ever appear at the Chelsea Flower Show and is the preferred brand for other big names such as Warner Brothers, Centre Parcs, Selfridges and JD Wetherspoon. It has also appeared on prime time TV programmes such as Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces and Big Brother for the eleventh year running.

LazyLawn has also been commissioned by The View from the Shard to create a garden, for the second time, on Level 72 of London’s highest viewing platform.

Situated 800ft above the bright lights of London on the open-air Sky Deck, 300m2 of Wonder Yarn 26mm was used to create a quintessentially English garden which is situated at The View from the Shard.

Andy said: “LazyLawn is highly reliable and durable which is why it’s the chosen brand for such big names. This is also emphasised in the fact that many of these names return to LazyLawn year after year.”

3. It looks neat and tidy all year round

In a recent poll commissioned by LazyLawn, 73% of British adults viewed having a lawn that always looks neat and tidy as the biggest benefit of installing a synthetic lawn.

Andy continued: “While many of our customers choose LazyLawn to cut down on the amount of time they spend maintaining their garden, the main feedback we receive from our customers is that they want a garden that looks good all year round.

“With so many of us leading busy lives the reality is that we don’t have enough hours in the day to create the garden oasis we would like, but LazyLawn guarantees you can have a neat and tidy lawn without all the hard work.”

For more information go to www.lazylawn.co.uk, follow on Twitter @lazylawn or find on Facebook. Alternatively, for a quote call 0800 023 2343 or email [email protected]

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