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With over 10 million Hay fever sufferers in the UK, it is quite easily the most common allergic condition, those determined to soak up the sunshine in their own gardens can fight back by swapping their grass for a LazyLawn.

LazyLawn, the UK’s leading brand of artificial grass, is seeing an increase in enquiries from those looking for a solution to hay fever hell and a way to enjoy their gardens once more.

As 95% of hay fever sufferers are allergic to grass pollen, installing an artificial lawn could help to reduce symptoms and allow people to reclaim their gardens.

Andy Driver, Marketing Director at LazyLawn, comments: “A LazyLawn can be a great preventative measure for hay fever sufferers who want to be able to enjoy the warmer weather, rather than hiding themselves away.

“Those with hay fever are advised to avoid exposure to grass and mowing the lawn in order to relieve symptoms, but people naturally want to make the most of spring and LazyLawn offers the perfect solution.

“While artificial grass won’t cure hay fever, installing a LazyLawn can help to minimise symptoms by limiting your exposure to grass pollen, creating hay fever free haven in your own garden.”

Grass pollen, which contains proteins that cause the nose, eyes, throat and sinuses to become swollen, irritated and inflamed, usually disperses from late May to early August.

Andy adds: “Aside from hay fever, as a LazyLawn requires no mowing, no watering and little maintenance there are plenty of reasons to consider replacing your existing lawn with an artificial one.

“Our artificial lawns look and feel authentic thanks to the pioneering technology we have used to produce it.

“Our customers are always amazed by the realistic appearance of LazyLawn, which we achieve through a unique colour mix.”

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