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LazyLawn Stands up to Climate Change

More British gardeners are now opting for LazyLawn, the leading brand of artificial grass, in order to maintain their perfect garden as it can withstand the pressures of climate change.

With increasing global temperatures and extreme weather conditions, climate change is making it difficult for people to look after natural grass lawns.
LazyLawn is the perfect solution for gardens because it is resilient to extreme weather conditions as a result of climate change.

LazyLawn artificial grass is UV protected, meaning that it doesn’t burn or become discoloured like natural grass does in high temperatures. The freezing temperatures of the winter months also don’t damage LazyLawn, so it continues to look great all year round.

Andy Driver from LazyLawn said: “Our high quality artificial grass is ideal for gardeners who are looking for a low maintenance lawn which always looks beautiful.

“In a recent poll we commissioned, 73% of British adults viewed having a lawn that always looks neat and tidy as the biggest benefit of installing a synthetic lawn. 65% of the adults polled believe that having a low maintenance lawn and one that isn’t affected by adverse weather were also seen to be important.”

“LazyLawn is also ideal for families as you can walk bare footed on the artificial turf without discomfort from heat in the summer months. LazyLawn is non-toxic and safe for anyone to play or relax on.”

With historical water shortages and droughts during the British summer, another advantage of LazyLawn is that it doesn’t need water like natural grass does.

LazyLawn can also withstand flooding as the drainage is much more efficient than natural grass. Water drains from LazyLawn at a rate of 60 litres per minute.

Hannah McCallum LazyLawn’s National Account Manager said: “When rainwater lands on LazyLawn, it flows through several layers before it reaches the earth. This means that it absorbs water faster than natural grass and prevents stagnant water which damages natural grass.

“There is also no issue of mud in the garden and dirt being trailed back into the home with artificial grass.

“We have noticed a growing trend of gardeners and families opting for LazyLawn due to the pressures of climate change which natural grass struggles to stand up against.”

LazyLawn’s best-selling product, Wonder Yarn, won the Which? Best Buy award on the artificial grass comparison table in 2016.

For more information about LazyLawn grass installation, please call 0800 023 2343 or email [email protected] Alternatively follow @lazylawn on Twitter and Instagram or check out the LazyLawn’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lazylawn.

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