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Make Yours a LazyLawn – LazyLawn Artificial Grass is the Ultimate Lazy Lawn

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According to a recent article published by the Daily Mail, garden experts say that letting your lawn run wild with brown patches and overgrown weeds is the latest trend.

The article, published 2nd April, discusses the recent findings from the Royal Horticultural Society and claims that the new trend for our gardens is for ‘lazy lawns’ in which you let the grass in your garden grow long with brown patches and weeds. The ‘lazy lawn’ fits better with modern lifestyles, is better for nature, and is less work for the gardener.

Not Everyone Wants the Wild Life

However, we see an even greater alternative to a ‘lazy lawn’, and that is, of course, LazyLawn artificial grass. With LazyLawn you can get the best of both worlds. LazyLawn gives you all the benefits of a ‘lazy lawn’, and so much more. LazyLawn is:

  • low-maintenance
  • great for dogs
  • ideal for modern lifestyles
  • stays looking fantastic all year round.

LazyLawn is Low Maintenance

LazyLawn artificial grass is minimal maintenance and requires no watering, mowing, fertiliser, feeding, or re-turfing to keep it looking green and vibrant. It is highly durable, drought-resistant, mud-free, withstands wear and tear, stays clear of weeds, and will never turn brown and patchy.

Artificial grass guarantees a neat and tidy lawn without the hard work associated with a real lawn. In contrast, a real ‘lazy lawn’ is very difficult to get back to normal once it is left to go wild as the weeds will be a problem for many years after.

LazyLawn is Dog-Friendly

LazyLawn artificial grass is much more friendly for dogs than an overgrown wild lawn, which increases the risk of harmful ticks and fleas which live in tall grasses.

Your furry friends will love to run around and play on LazyLawn and won’t bring muddy paws into the house or destroy your lawn with urine stains or by digging holes. You can enjoy an attractive garden whatever time of year without worrying about a ruined lawn or an unhappy pup.

LazyLawn is Ideal for Modern Lifestyles

LazyLawn is also great for modern lifestyles as it gives you a beautiful space to enjoy spending time in your garden that cannot be achieved with a ‘lazy lawn’ with overgrown weeds and muddy patches.

Whether sitting and relaxing, the kids are playing, or you’re entertaining friends and family, LazyLawn is perfect for a variety of uses. It not only looks great in the garden, but on roof terraces and playgrounds, and is available in a range of styles to create a stunning space.

LazyLawn or ‘lazy lawn’?

It’s clear to see why LazyLawn is the ultimate ‘lazy lawn’. Get in touch to learn more about the wonderful benefits of our artificial grass, or find your local installer to transform your lawn with LazyLawn today.

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