Lazylawn on TV

Hello again my Lazy friends,

I was lazing around the other day catching up on some TV when I noticed that the grass being used in some programs was our very own fake grass from Lazylawn!

I kept an eye out to see if I could spot it again and indeed it was. I’ve now seen Lazylawn used on The One Show on BBC1, This Morning on ITV and even Top Gear on BBC2. Our Lazylawn products have also been used within the Big Brother house since 2006 to the final one last year.

Now if I had the chance to laze around on an artificial lawn for a few months whilst being on TV, I would jump at the chance! But you don’t have to be on TV to enjoy a Lazylawn. They offer a variety of different products to suit everyone’s budget so have a look today.

Now back to my lazing –
Lazy Larry

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