LazyLawn On TV Again In Celeb Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother hits our screens for another series, with most stars trying their hand once again at the fame game. The garden continues to feature our LazyLawn fake grass again after the non-celeb edition of Big Brother in the summer.

The garden has undergone a bit of a transformation with a few new items of furniture and the pool has been removed for the winter months. One of the head office installation teams had to carry out small works to help accommodate the removal of the pool to ensure the area met all the health and safety standards.

We doubt much activity will take place in the garden this year due to the cold weather we are experiencing at present, but the LazyLawn continues to look fantastic and will remain green all year round despite the freezing conditions. So, if the contestants decide to do anything other than smoke outside, the LazyLawn will be ready to cope with whatever games (drunken or sober) they care to get up to!

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