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Grubs won’t find any grub in a LazyLawn


This summer may have brought some unwelcome guests to gardens with natural lawns, as experts predicted a surge in numbers of leatherjackets, small larvae that eat grass roots and can devastate entire fields.

The grubs live in the soil and can cause grass to turn brown and wither in August, when they reach maturity. The wet, mild winter provided conditions in which they can thrive, and, are currently at their highest levels for 40 years.

A Surrey based Cricket Club has just parted with over £6,000 replacing its outfield which has been decimated by the grubs.

Professor Davy McCracken, Scotland’s Rural College has warned there may be a plague of daddy-long-legs in Autumn.

Professor McCracken comments.

Because of the densities we have seen, we would expect to see large numbers of daddy-long-legs on the wing, coming to lights at night, being in people’s homes, being around in the agricultural land.

People suffering from the infestations in their lawns are resorting to covering the lawn at night with plastic sheeting as the pesticides previously used have been banned due to its harmful effect on bees.

Of course, gardeners with a LazyLawn installed don’t need to worry about these grass-guzzling grubs, as our quality artificial turf doesn’t have any roots for them to eat!

Being immune to the damage caused by leatherjackets and other parasites is one more reason to switch from a natural lawn to LazyLawn. Jog on, you little pests, you won’t find any food here!

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