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Fun & Games with LazyLawn – Can you become a Sporting Great?

The fantastic success of the British athletes at the Olympic Games on Saturday evening will surely have energised a new breed of sports enthusiasts.

Jessica Ennis, Mo Farrah and Greg Rutherford winning gold medals before a prime time TV audience on BBC 1 united the nation, and even the doubters have admitted their enthusiasm for the Games has been ignited.

In living rooms across the country, parents marvelled at the athletic brilliance of the athletes, while their children suddenly wanted to become them. Many a sporting hero has been motivated by something they watched as a child, and how many GB Olympians in 2020 will be citing that watching Ennis or Farrah on television was what made them want to do it?

Of course, it means that many of those children will spend the rest of the summer running or jumping around their garden. And it does not just have to be athletics. The children might have been inspired by Andy Murray winning a tennis gold medal, or the successes on the judo mat, for instance.

But it all adds up to the back garden – and particularly the lawn – suddenly becoming an arena for sport. Which is, or course, to be encouraged – until, perhaps, the wear and tear on the grass suddenly douses the enthusiasm of the parents!

But fear not. A solution exists.

Have you ever considered installing an artificial lawn in your garden?

LazyLawn synthetic surfaces are the perfect answer. An artificial lawn will not suffer wear and tear, however many times the children re-enact the 100 metres final, practice a judo move, or turn the lawn into a volleyball court!

Modern synthetic lawns are a world away from the local grocer’s display mats from the past. Nowadays, the difference between artificial grass and the real thing is barely noticeable. And they are perfect for children – not just as a soft surface, but because there is never the worry of scuff marks, or lumps of turf being carved out!

Oh, and you never have to disturb the children’s fun by banishing them from the lawn while you mow it! Fake grass is low maintenance. It is green all year through. And it looks fantastic whether the children have been hosting a mini-Olympics for their friends, or otherwise.

So how do you help your child fulfil an Olympic dream? Well a LazyLawn is surely a start – no worries about the maintenance of natural turf, and more time to encourage junior to become a sporting legend of the future!

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