Dear Lazy Larry

Hey everyone,

Its Lazy Larry here and I’ve been sent a question from one of my animal friends asking about artificial lawns. Now, being the oldest bunny rabbit around at the age of 25 years old I know a lot about Lazylawn so was more than happy to help.

Well Doug, we’ve installed many lawns for pet owners and have had very positive feedback. In fact we go as far as putting a logo on our homepage to say its ‘ideal for pets’. And don’t worry about getting told off by your owners for damaging it, the sand filling in the lawn grasses will protect the pile from your claws.

So have no fear my friend, synthetic turf is just as good to roll and run round on!

Hhhhmmm, that gives me an idea! I should start up my own help centre for anyone to ask me about artificial lawns! It might involve me doing more work and being less lazy, but I could ask Lazylawn for a pay rise of my special carrots!

Until next time folks –

Lazy Larry

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